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Choosing A Relevant Topic For An Essay In Philosophy

The first thing students get stuck on when trying to write an essay in any discipline is selecting a good topic. The whole idea is a little confusing to many. What makes a good topic? The standard rule for a good topic is one that is both interesting and original. It should pique the reader in some way that he or she feels compelled to keep reading while at the same time exploring some new area or taking on a fresh view of an established argument within the subject. This seems simple enough but still leaves students with a lot of self-doubt. No need to worry. We’ve got just the solution. This list provided by an excellent college essay writing service gives great topic ideas related to the field of philosophy. Check them out:

  1. For several centuries the concept of good versus evil and their existence in the world has been a popular argument. What affect does this argument have on human societies?
  2. Do you believe society would exist as we know it today if there were not a set of codes or ethics that inform people of what they should or should not be doing? What if we lived without them?
  3. Compare and contrast two religious philosophies of the modern world to tell whether or not they could co-exist if one were to remove political goals. Ask an essay writers service for ideas.
  4. Should genetics technology and advancement be used to alter the way humans reproduce? For instance, would it be ethical to have control over a child’s appearance through mutation?
  5. A legitimate essay writing service can provide you with a list of facts related to medical experimentation and its history. Find two experiments and argue for or against their need.
  6. What do you make of the belief that only through sound and consistent responsibility can wealth be achieved? Do you think the creation of wealth automatically hurts others?
  7. Does one’s personal philosophy come into play when deciding on whether or not to use a cheap essay service to get a paper done for class? What if it means the difference in passing/failing?
  8. Do you think a question of right/wrong should be considered in one’s personal beliefs about God? Should this not enter the realm of simplistic terms when it remains a personal choice?
  9. Should one classify pre-emptive military strikes any differently than engagement in war? Why are pre-emptive strikes considered necessary on ethical grounds but the reverse?
  10. Do parents have the sole right to determine how their children should be raised, rewarded, and punished for certain behaviors? Is it right for the state government to have any role in this?

Now that you have a few ideas to consider, it’ll be easier to conduct preliminary research to ensure you can find enough material to support whatever side you wish to take on the topic that most interests you. Don’t forget to get help when you need it. A good essay outline writing service can do a number of things for you that will make completing this or your next assignment much easier.

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